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10 thoughts on “Suppliers List

  1. jackie marshall says:

    I’m looking to get my first bcd and regulator set could you give me an idea of your prices for an entry level set.
    Bcd without integrated weights but with the possibility of upgrading later if needed.
    Regulator, plus octopus and gauge
    Many thanks


    • Teri says:

      Hi Jackie,
      Apologies for the long time taken to respond, the website isn’t allowing me to reply via Nutty’s account, but we have packages of BCD and stage 4 regulator sets in stock
      Is there any particular reason for not wanting the BCD with the integrated weight system?
      Great to hear back from you or pop into the Dive Centre and we can have a chat about the packages we have

  2. Andy says:

    I’m looking to source good quality masks, snorkel and fins for me, my wife and two daughters. Do you have a good range for us to come along and try on?

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