Sandra wearing a Nutty’s top in search of some Nutty’s Nuggets in the Red Sea.1269527_10151651459172256_264171670_o

Teri with a Nutty’s Nugget at Manta Point in the Maldives

Tony in Malta with a Nutty’s Nugget at Maltaqua Dive Centrenugget

A Nutty’s Nugget found on the beach in the Maldives

Glen and Suzanne holding a Nutty’s Nugget found in Barbados

Steve and Cameron on holiday in Turks and Caicos with a Nutty’s Nugget

Lennie in Rhodes with a Nutty’s Nugget

Charlotte and Mark with a Nutty’s Nugget in Mexico

mark and charlotte with nuttys nugget

Phil and Steve in Maldives on Island Kuda Huraa finding more of our Nutty’s Nugget’s

phil and steve

Wahid from Red Sea Dive College and Paul in Dahab, Egypt with a Nutty’s Nugget


Nutty himself with Stingray Divers in Krabi Thailand with a Nutty’s Nugget

thailand nugget

A Nutty’s Nugget with Vincent Farkas and a Marine Iguana in GalapagosNUTTY'S NUGGET

John being adventurous with a Nutty’s Nugget found in Antigua

john malia, nugget

Nutty’s Nugget found in The Farne Islands.


Mick found a Nutty’s Nugget in Egypt, Sharm El SheikhNUTTY'S NUGGET

Steve Whan in the Maldives recovering more Nutty’s NuggetsNUTTY'S NUGGET

A Nutty’s Nugget washed up on a Mexican beach in the rocks

nugget in rocks@mexico

Nutty’s Nugget found in Plymouth with Julie, Brian, Dean, Georgia, Yvette, Ed and LukeNUTTY'S NUGGET

Molly Brown with a Nutty’s Nugget in Mexico.NUTTY'S NUGGET

Tracy and Steve in Dominican Republic with Nutty’s NuggetNUTTY'S NUGGETJim, Paul, Steve, Jeff, John and Tony with Nutty’s Nugget in L’ Estartit


Our friend Desrick “007” in Jamaica with a Nutty’s Nugget


John in Spain with our Nutty’s Nugget


Our good friend Godwin in Nigeria with a Nutty’s Nugget ..


Mad Mark with our Nutty’s Nugget in Chepstow .. 


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