Regulators should be serviced by a trained technician at least once a year and more frequently if in heavy use. The service includes disassembly, ultrasonic cleaning and reassembly using the manufacturer’s service kit components. Any worn or broken parts will also be replaced.

Nutty’s service Department takes pride in providing the following;

  • Fully trained and very experienced repair and service technicians.
  • Fast, reliable and always friendly service.
  • Pre booking facility so you can schedule drop off / collection at a time that suits you.
  • All brands of Regulators
  • BCD’s – full service including inflators or replacement of inflators depending on the brand
  • Computer Battery Changes
  • Computer Pressure Testing
  • Cylinder 02 Cleaning
  • Cylinder testing-  Hydro test/ Valve Service/ Visual Inspection/Internal and External shot blasting/ Zinc Spray & Repaint
  • Dry suit repairs – Replacement zip/ Neck seal/ Wrist Seals & Pressure testing

Postage facility to send your equipment back to you if required at an extra fee

We at Nutty’s strive to ensure that our prices are always competitive for the service that we provide. If you would like to find out more, please get in contact below or speak to one of our friendly staff.

    “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten.” – Benjamin Franklin

    22 thoughts on “Dive Equipment Service

    1. Wayne says:

      Hi I have a 3ltr bottle I use for my airguns, it’s 5 year test is up next month, how much is it to test and refil. Do I have to book it in or can drop it off anytime.

      Many thanks.

    2. Peter says:

      Hi Team, can you let me know what you charge for an Oceanic OCI battery change (inc. pressure test)? Many thanks, Peter

    3. wayne says:

      can you quote for strip and refill of twinset 300 10’s as o rings on cross bar need servicing replacing ..cheers

    4. Chris Lyon says:

      Hi – Are you able to honour the Oceanic Lifetime servicing on BCDs and Computers now the UK distributor has changed?

      Can you email me a quote to service:
      Oceanic BCD
      Oceanic Geo2 (Battery Change)
      Suunto Vytek + Transmitter (Battery Change)
      Apeks Flight Regulators (1st/2nd/Oct/SPG)

    5. Luke says:

      Can you please let me know if you can service Cressi regulators? I have a T10 Master regulator set. If yes, what would be the price?

    6. henry sheales says:

      Please can you give me a price to service a ‘red hat diving – orion BCD’ and a set of regulators (1st stage is Scubapro Mk25,S600 second stage, R390 October and gauges)
      Also can you include in the price to replace the mouthpiece on the S600 as I’ve pretty much bitten it off.


    7. Dan says:


      I bought a couple of bits on ebay that have not been serviced in a couple of years but with little use in that time as well, whats the cost of servicing them?

      Its an Apeks DIN First Stage Regulator with XTX 50 Main DV & ATX 40 Octopus.


      • Nutty's Dive Centre says:

        Hi Dan,

        The average cost of servicing regulators is between £80.00 – £100.00.
        However, if any parts are missing and need to be purchased this will be added to your overall cost.



    8. Brian says:

      First of all I wish you the all best with your new business.
      My question is when 02 cleaning a cylinder do you ticket it “a year from test date” or the “tested to date” which is 15 months from date of test.

      • admin says:

        Thank you for your support Brian.
        O2 cleaning it is tested to date and therefore the date shown is the expiry date, which is 15 months from date of test.

    9. Sandra says:

      I brought second hand regs which need a service plus wish to have the comp attachment removed is that possible. Sorry not been at club been working to late but have missed you nutters and still in need of mask having a script lens put in ……

      • admin says:

        Hi Sandra, We can service your regs for you with pleasure. If you cant get to the shop just bring them down the Pub.
        See you soon, and don’t let the buggers get to you.

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