At our Dive centre we use the latest and most up to date gas filling system. The mixing panel is located within the store and the compressor and air bank is located outside. This provides a more comfortable and friendly environment for you to get your fill.

We are able to supply air, nitrox, trimix and oxygen fills. 

Our qualified technicians are on hand to provide mixed gases for the technical and CCR divers among us i.e, nitrox, trimix and O2 fills. We have a booster pump which can pump oxygen and helium to 300 bar.

Our compressor is an L&W 280 ES silent compressor. That is why we are more than able to pump air from our bank to fill several 12lt cylinders.

We pride ourselves at Nuttys Dive Centre, in providing the customer with an efficient and friendly air filling service.

If you want a fill why you wait, or pick it up later, Nuttys can provide both.

Local dive schools use our facility as we are able to provide several fills within a short period.

Our pumping system is used once a month by the local dive club for the purpose of teaching gas blending and we would be happy to teach anyone who would like to learn.

Our pumping system is tested and inspected every 3 months and records are kept for your perusal.



Nuttys Farm
Childerditch Lane
CM13 3EH
Tel 01277 811 855
Mob 07957 367 876

air fill essex air fill essex


19 thoughts on “Gas Filling

  1. Charlie Harford says:

    Hi there, I have a 48 CI bottle I would like charged to 3000 PSI. I was wondering how much it would cost and when will you be open to do so

    • Nutty's Dive Centre says:

      Hi Charlie,

      Our pricing would range depending on size, between 3litre and 5litre to 300 bar it is £7
      Unfortunately, we wont have an opening date until the government advises when non essential shops can do so.

      Thank you.

  2. neal crooks says:

    I have a 4 litre hydrotech cylinder I use to rill my air rifles with , do you fill them and if so how much would it be and how long would it take?

  3. Elaine Barnes says:

    hi there,
    Do you hire out cylinders and if so how much? Could you do a cost for 12 ‘s and 15’s. I would require 2 cylinders over a 4 day period..collecting on a Thursday, diving with them Friday/Sat and bringing back Sunday morning……if you’re open then!

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