Nutty’s Dive Centre 2022/23 Itinerary 


Arrive Cebu – Drive to Tapilon Port (3/4 hours depending on traffic) – Get on a boat which is arranged by Evolution Diving (30/40 minutes) – 5 days Diving  Click here for Photos

Ferry back to Cebu, Tapilon Port (30/40 minutes) – Cab to Moalboal (6 hours to Magic Island Resort) – 6 days Diving –     

   Click here for Photos

Cab back to port in Cebu (Cebu Pier) to get Ferry across to Bohol Port (Tagbilaran Pier / 2 hours) Cab to Magic Oceans (2 hours) – 5 days Diving –   Click here for Photos 

Cab to port in Bohol (Ubay Port / 1 hour) – Ferry from Ubay Port – Bohol to Southern Leyte (Port of Bato / 3-3.5 hours) – Cab from Port to Sogod Bay Dive Resort (1-1.5 hours) – 4 days Diving

Cab to airport in Southern Leyte (Tacloban Airport) 4 hours – Flew from Leyte/Tacloban to Manila (1.5 hours)