The new X DEEP Bottom Timer.

X DEEP BLACK BT (bottom timer) is a diving instrument measuring time and depth, in which they have incorporated the cutting edge of technology and high quality components of the world leading manufacturers.

You are able to update the XDEEP BLACK BT to both Nitrox (BLACK EANx) and to Trimix (BLACK TMX) computers.

The BLACK BT is incredibly tough. Every piece is tested during the production process under the pressure corresponding to depths of 200m.

When you exceed the set alarm value, the BLACK BT will notify you about it, first by flashing a bright red, and then displaying the alarm on the main screen.

Thanks to its powerful processor and large memory, the BLACK BT is equipped with a very detailed logbook. Not only can it log depth with a 1 s frequency, but also store many hours of diving.

o make it easier to access data stored in the BLACK BT memory, it has been equipped with a quick USB port to connect the device to any PC computer.


10 thoughts on “X DEEP BOTTOM TIMER

  1. Favennec Nolwenn

    Hello, can you let me know when XDEep BT is back on stock ? I’d like to buy one for my visually impaired boyfriend, who fell for this computer a little bit too late….
    Thanks !

    1. Hello there,

      The XDeep BT are on back order and will be for a long while if I’m honest. We are on the list so will be informed when they will be in, but unfortunately there is no date for that.

      Hope this is helpful to you,

      Take care,

  2. Tristam

    Hi there,

    Please could you let me know when you have the X-Deep bottom timer back in stock, I would like to grab one before they run out again.



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