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Make a start on your Open Water Course with Nutty’s Dive Centre..

If you’ve always wanted to become a SCUBA diver and discover the wondrous world beneath the waves then this is where your adventure begins! The PADI Open Water Diver Course is the world’s most popular SCUBA course and has introduced people to the adventurous diving lifestyle. 

You never forget the first time you try SCUBA diving and your SCUBA instructor will guide you through this amazing experience and introduce you to a whole new world!

So,what are you waiting for!?!

If you want more information or would like to book onto the Open Water Course please you can do so by clicking here…E Learning Open Water Course

Or don’t hesitate to contact us on 01277 811 855 or pop into the dive centre for a chat about the course and to collect your crew pak.


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Tel 01277 811 855
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29 thoughts on “Open Water Diver

  1. Lee K Miller

    hi me and my partner are looking at doing open water and advanced open water afterwards would you be able to email me the pricing that would be great

  2. Joanne ali

    I have done a couple of dives before and would like to do the open water course can you tell me how much it cost and how long it takes

  3. Colin Gupta

    Hi, I completed my open water about 10+ years ago, I wanted to get back into it and go on some diving holidays, I know I’ll have to start again from the begging but just wondered in prices and course dates? Thanks

  4. Carly Barry


    I’m booking my other half a swim with sharks when in Vegas and must be certified padi to do the dive.

    Could you send me details and cost please?

    Many thanks

    1. Hi Carly,

      Oh wow, sounds amazing!
      Ill send you an email now of all our details but the cost of the course is £345 which includes all training equipment to complete and your certification card.

      Teri @ Nuttys

  5. Hannah Kitchener

    My partner and I are looking at completing an Open Water Referral so that we can complete our open water dives on our honeymoon.
    Could you give details of prices and availability please?

    1. Hi Hannah,
      Yes of course what a lovely idea..
      The course is £225 each which will include everything to get you prepared for your open water dives when you’re away!
      The course is run on every Thursday evening and we have availability so you could start right away..
      Teri @ Nuttys

  6. George Barrett

    Hi Nutty Team,
    Me and my partner are interested in becoming qualified to enjoy the most of the barrier reef later this year.
    We live in very locally in West Horndon so would love to here what programs you offer, prices and availability?
    Many thanks,

  7. Keegan

    I’ve done a few dives in the past and would like to undertake the open diving course. Can you let me know the details and pricing please?

  8. Sarah Pearson

    How much are your open water PADI courses? I am going to Thailand and looking to maybe get a few steps ahead.

  9. david flack

    hi there I am looking to complete my open water or open water referral before 21 January 2016 would this be possible if so could you let me know how much and when
    many thanks david

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