Nutty’s Dive Centre would like to welcome everyone to the launch event of our brand new PADI 5 star Dive Centre on the  2nd & 3rd of March.

Along with some surprise guest’s, the day will be hosted by Nutty’s crew and staff, who have just returned from a 400 year expedition to recover the famous lost treasure chest of Nutty’s Nugget’s.

As a reward, each guest will be given there very own Nutty’s Nugget to keep, or use to trade with the crew. Plus a free pirates tucker and special brew.

 Along with the Nutty’s Nugget’s, in the hold of our Galleon, we have managed to return with all the latest and most innovative diving equipment for recreational scuba and technical diving. Fitted within the Galleon is a state of the art filling station, providing up to 300 bar fills of air, nitrox and trimix.

Displayed on the upper deck is the 2013 itinery of our up and coming expeditions to the Red Sea and most of the other dive centre destinations U.K. and worldwide.

We have  plucked from around the world amongst the most qualified recreational and technical dive instructors  Nuttys Nuggets can buy. This year the instructors will be training all levels such as Bubblemaker, Open Water and all Recreational courses to instructor level.

Also, technical diving from basic nitrox, open circuit decompression diving to closed circuit advanced trimix diving.

We have in house classrooms in our State of the art facilities and can accommodate overnight stays.

“Welcome to the underwater world of Nutty’s”


“Rumour has it, that Nutty’s boat yard may be attacked on the day by a treacherous band of pirates, who will try to steal our prized Nutty’s Nugget’s”

 Nutty’s Farm, Childerditch Lane, Brentwood, Essex, CM13 3EH


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